Customer Success Accounts Receivable

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Customer Success Accounts Receivable

At SEOmonitor, we're looking for an Accounts Receivable Specialist to join our team.

Full-time · Romania · Remote

About the job

If you enjoy providing SaaS clients with a wonderful experience, then being part of our team can be the right opportunity for you.

You would work in an engaging B2B environment, where you proactively find solutions to the Customer Success department's financial challenges.

Who you are

  • A great team player that embodies these 3 main virtues: humbleness, drive & people smarts (this is what we mean).
  • Curious and resilient, always trying to find solutions and to figure out how and why things work the way they do.
  • Responsible, when looking for the data behind your opinions, so you can better leverage them, with accountability.
  • Open and genuine, both when receiving and giving feedback.
  • Not bullsh*tting: no buzzwords, “fluff”, or corporate lingo – whether you'd work client-facing or not.

What you need for this role

You are mid-way on your career path, with Accounting, Finance, Business, or related backgrounds, and have a keen eye for detail.

You’d have to enjoy working in a B2B environment, and not just have experience or “a proven track record” for it.

You are tech-savvy and can leverage technology to understand and solve problems – so previous experience in a SaaS environment is a bonus. Knowledge of digital marketing is a plus (SEO is ideal).

You thrive in a dynamic environment, where you continuously learn, and you understand that all knowledge is “knowledge… for now”.

As most of our clients are native English-speakers and we are an international company, you’d need your English skills to be on a par with theirs, both in writing and speaking. We don’t have a preference for British or American English though. :)

What you will do

With the help of the Customer Success Account Managers and our Bookkeeper, you will be assisting in general financial management and analysis. This helps us strengthen relationships with clients, by communicating with them regarding due accounts.

You will also be generating specific invoices and account statements, performing account reconciliations, and producing financial reports.

Maintaining accounts receivable files and records in order, and investigating and resolving any irregularities or inquiries will be part of the daily activity.

It’s all based on articulate, efficient communication, within the team(s) or towards the customer(s) – if in a client-facing role.

By being a part of SEOmonitor's Customer Success team, you will be… SEOmonitor.

What you won't do

Not only do we not apply the following, but we're upfront against:

  • scripts of canned responses or following bot-like instructions,
  • a lack of empathy towards the clients and/or the problems they are facing, or towards your colleagues,
  • and “whatever it takes” ways of pushing, to meet targets.



We're a remote-first company, so you can work from anywhere you want to. But we do have an office here, where you will always find a few of us.

Workstation & others.

You get a MacBook (or iMac + display), noise-cancelling headphones, and the accessories you need.

Synchronous 8-hr workday & 1-hr company-wide lunch slot.

We start the day with a quick team check-in, where we set the intentions for the day. We take a company-wide break from 13:00 to 14:00 (Bucharest time).

We end the day with a quick check-out where we reflect on the day and say our goodbyes. Then we shut down our workstations.

No overtime.

We don't expect you to do overtime, nor work on weekends. We expect you to do your best work within the 8 daily allocated hours.

30 paid leave days per year.

  • 21 days as standard (+ bank holidays),
  • 4-5 days for the company-wide winter holiday,
  • 4-day workweeks in August (Fridays off),
  • 1 day off for your birthday (so you can do you, while we handle the work).

We care about you taking that time off. We don’t expect you to be available. We won’t message or call you on your vacation.

Medical subscription for you and your family.

You get a full private medical subscription for you and your most significant one. And your kids.

An employee handbook.

So you know how we do things around here.

Fun as well.

No in-person parties for now, but we make sure we have fun even when apart. Weekly non-work-related company-wide call, where you have a drink and banter with colleagues from any other team, in smaller Zoom rooms.

And expect bottles of wine and goodies to be delivered to your house every now and then.

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    If this sounds like you and you'd want to join our team in Romania as our Customer Success Accounts Receivable, we would love to meet you!